Anonymous #conspiracy

Gilford Shooting
Husband = Athletic
Husband also = Space
Need to be fit to get to space.
Shooting tooking place at political gathering.

Aurora Shooting
Aurora itself = Space
Missy Franklin (Athletic)Olympian has a connection to Aurora, CO.
Shooting took place at Social gathering at Dark Knight Movie.

Sikh Temple Shooting.
Curiousity reaches Mars few hours later. Olympics are happening.
This Shooting took place at spiritual gathering in a place of worship.
Sikhs are known Warrior i.e Dark Knights. Should read up on Sikhs becoming a Knight, there is a youtube video available on this.

we know of 3 whites doing the shooting, first one became guilty of his crime, second seems to be claiming insanity and third commited suicide.

Third also belonged to a group promoting white supremacy.

There seems to be a message here and that message is Supremacy. It seems we have a complished some sort of supremacy.

Olypians, atheletes = Super Humans, such as perhaps Sikhs the Dark Knight.

Being able to travel far into space. Maybe we didn't send any robots. May be we sent a super human into space to travel to mars. Who knows. Maybe this human is a of a sikh religion. Perhaps Sikhism is the supreme religion.

May be there is a new world coming soon and this was a way to make people alert.

Maybe this new world will have one religion called Sikhism. Maybe Political leaders will be Sikhs of all race. May be only the super humans can reach it.



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