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I truly believe this is coming to a head. I've always had a theory that the true reason Trans activism has gotten as far as it has, it because the majority of everyday people on society are still clueless about it. Feminists know about all this stuff, but ask a generic, gardening neighbor over 35; "How do you identify? What are your pronouns? ", And they will think you're touched in the head.

This is why Trans orgs spend all day stalking, vilifying and shutting down all critical voices and events. They know the vast majority have no idea what is going on. And laws are passed without the public knowing wtf they are even about. If the people could openly hear a debate, they would become educated and start paying attention. That is bad for the Trans Lobby. They know it.

Canada also has a profoundly high immigrant population. I can tell you from personal experience that first generation immigrants would reject most of this garbage where biology isn't real, and males can shower beside their daughters. But they're in the dark. Some Trans ideology is so out there, you can't even wrap your head around it. But most of the crossdressing, spoiled, white Western straight males who aggressively head the Trans movement are psychologically unsound.

The crazy, the entitlement, the contempt they harbour for women cannot be kept contained forever. And like this incident, and others like it, they reveal themselves to the public. My only concern is how much violence do Trans males have to inflict on innocent women until it is too brazen for Leftist media to ignore? How bad does it have to get?



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