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Hi Sydney Spider, I just wanted to comment your post that when I read it questioning, "Why are we still here?" I had this searing thought go through my mind that God waited for Sodom and Gomorrah to become almost completely evil, the same with the entire Earth in the days of Noah. With S&G look how few were saved maybe less than 1% (a completely made up number by me), it just shows how patient God is before He acts.

Jesus also commented how few will get to Heaven. So if 99+% were evil I'm wondering (out loud as it may be) if that is what it is going to be here before the Rapture? I'm wondering if a good indicator of the Rapture would be how many governments allow homosexual marriage? Poking around on the net it definitely is a growing trend, so will all countries allow it in some form or another before the Rapture - I'm betting there is a good chance of it. Just my $.02



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