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Thus saith the Lord God Almight, Creator of Heaven and of earth, “The Constitution is a treaty with satan”.

The satanic entity formed by the satanic Constitution never was a Christian nation and never will be.

God sent Pilgrims to the soil of America to establish His City on a Hill of ZION… for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to come upon the soil given to all saints globally.

THE SWORD IS OVER AMERICA!! The Sword is drawn and will not be withdrawn!

This soil is given to the saints… TO THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA… and I warn all others in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ… GET OFF OF THIS SOIL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!

The Sword is over the soil…and MOREOVER… the angels have stricken the Sword of the Spirit into the soil!!

The Lord Jesus Christ is KING over ZION… and if any loveth not the Lord Jesus Christ, “ANATHEMA!”

God has spoken. And if men do not fear Him… they shall be cast into hell.

And they MOST CERTAINLY… shall be cast off of this soil.

This is NOT the soil of “The United States of America” as declared in 1776 forward.

This is the soil of the City On A Hill of ZION declared in apostolic power by John Winthrop as directed of the Lord God Almighty… 1630… and the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock also in prayer… 1620.

Now every reprobate… GET OFF OF THIS SOIL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST… for the Sword is drawn in apocalyptic power in the name of JESUS!!



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