David #fundie geoengineeringwatch.org

It is extremely stupid to blame anyone company or organization for the pollution of our planet unless it's [Satan.inc}, when after all it mainly is" you" that is irresponsible. The main cause for all this geo-panic is (Self), (Godlessness), (disobedience) of God, plus the internal combustion engine, Your gas furnaces and gas water heaters not to exclude the other countless gas powered machines. There's one thing that all these death machines have in common "FIRE" this or any fire must be contained with-in it's self. What most people fail to understand is that it is their own sin that is causing this self genocide. God has given the people prosperity over the last several hundred years to overcome this death by fire syndrome and what have they done?. Wasted it on our selves. Scripture warns that the world will be destroyed by fire, This deadly force must be controlled. You are up against a powerful evil, Remember the real problem is "YOU". It's quite simple, eliminate self, live for God and most problems go away. The planet doesn't need fixed 'You do. Brought too you by (K.I.S.S) – keep it simple stupid. ps. If you so death you reap death, this is the law! Granted life can never be 100% but we can be 99.99999999, Make it so, and be a good Stuart.



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