Safa #sexist

I really don’t understand where all of this transgender bullshit is coming from. It seems as though men have completely lost their minds. Power certainly does corrupt and these lawmakers and their fem-men constituents are becoming more delusional everyday. Men are rarely forthcoming with their reasons behind anything they do, but they must provide some sort of explanation for this current fuckery. It is possible that this is all a move to legitimize male sexual fantasy of watching females urinate, defecate and change soiled tampons. One would think that with the wide variety and accessibility of porn and prostitution, men would have an abundance of opportunities to view female genitalia. Maybe the transgender phenomena has taken off because females are opting out of the feminine gender script and these fellows are filling the vacuum.

Whatever the reason, there are several issues facing humanity that are more important than the worldwide effort to further enable male orgasms. Our fragile profit-driven economies are teetering on the brink of collapse as they require infinite growth on a finite planet. The earth is reaching its carrying capacity for the human species. Global patriarchal cultures have contributed to this by constructing human systems which enslave females and force them to become sperm receptacles. Almost all of the upheaval in various countries can be attributed to population overshoot and resource plundering. Humanity is desperate to keep our industrialized civilization going. When nations are resorting to petroleum extraction through hydraulic fracking, tar sands and deep-water drilling, industrial society and current population levels are unsustainable.

The main tenets of patriarchy are feeding males and facilitating their orgasms. Someone once said “not all men have power, but everyone in power is male.” They control everything--the military, resource distribution and human reproduction. Women can do nothing to stop this. We are stalled in a state of inaction because we are birthing babies, caring and catering to males and trying to earn money in de-humanizing employment. Most women do not even value each other and some prefer the isolated familial cages of domestic slavery.

I don’t think patriarchal systems have always been so widespread. Humans have existed in their current evolutionary form for about 200,000 years. We are fragile creatures. We do not have sharp claws or teeth. We do not run or swim very fast when compared to other animals. Our survival as a species has been attributed to our ability to cooperate within social groups. But right now, no one is cooperating. Men only work together to destroy and women have long since abandoned our mother/daughter bonds. We don’t have to look far to see where these bonds still exist within other mammalian societies. Female elephants still follow the matriarch to sources of food and water. Female chimps and bonobos congregate together on the forrest floor with their young. I think we can trace the beginnings of this culture of death and exploitation called patriarchy back to the origins of monotheism around 5,000 years ago.

Allowing males even more access to gazing upon, raping and killing females is not going to move humanity forward. We are going backwards and I think we have passed the point of no return. Oh, and to all of those fem-men in the US maybe you need to stop trying to get into women’s spaces and put your energies toward forcing red-state medicaid programs to pay for transgender medical needs and enact laws to prevent LGBT discrimination.



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