no1nose #fundie

It might be good to summarize things at this point:

1. Both Evolution (popular understanding) and the Biblical account that all humanity came from a single pair.
2. Many linguists believe in a “Mother Tongue Theory’ which is in agreement with the Biblical record.
3. Some characters in the Chinese language are linked to the biblical record in Genesis. The debate is over which characters are (and not whether they are or not.)
4. Many cultures in the world have the myth of a messiah with detailed similarities between myths.
5. Darwin would have never developed his theory if he had been a Buddhist.
6. The Theory of Evolution is “mutated” branch of Christianity.
7. The Theory of Evolution has been directly linked to some of the most evil political movements of the 20th century.
8. Hardly anyone reads Darwin’s books, whereas after thousands of years hundreds of millions of people still are reading the Bible despite centuries of fierce criticism by people like yourself.



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