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I no longer associate with Pastor Melissa Scott because she is under the control of a fallen angel. She teaches to love your enemy the antichrist when he comes and to love the false prophet when he comes and love your enemy the devil. When Jesus taught to love your enemies, he wasn't functioning as any high-priest nor kinsman redeemer, he was Judah's law giver giving a law to demonstrate the law can't be kept just like Moses breaking the tablets symbolized the impossibility of keeping the law.

I agree with Dr. Seott/Elias that Jesus was born on the feast of the trumpets, while his satanic wife teaches Jesus was born on one of the seven days of tabernacles.

Melissa Satanicly teaches that Paul was talking about himself taken to the third heaven when in truth Paul was clearly talking about another man taken to the third heaven.

Melissa teaches that if you're baptized by her you become chosen. Dr. Scott rightly mocked baptisms by saying "Splish Splash, take a bath". At Pentecost, they were baptized but didn't receive a saintly spirit nor were their the sins the forgiven. I agree with Dr. Scott/Elias that Pentecost was a harvest of death. The about 3000 at Pentecost were Satanic tares false Christians in the parable of tares and wheat. Only Jesus received a saintly spirit by being baptized. As part of Ezekiel's bullshit exposed, those baptized by John weren't chosen.

She claims to be the smartest person on the earth and knows over 30 languages. An example of her teaching, she says "Son of Man", in Mark and Matthew. I translate this as, "the son of the man". If you eat garbage like Son of Man from her, pay for garbage and go to hell assholes!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Scott was right that Melchizedek was Shem. His satanic wife says Dr. Scott was psychologically delusional in teaching that Melchizedek was Shem.
Is Pastor Melissa Scott going to heaven? That's what she thinks.

For years, she has insulted me Moses in Jude 1:9 What a joke, years ago, she said I was her husband and had no love (eros) for her. I don't fuck pigs.



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