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The thing is, the conservatives speaking out against this are the some of the same conservatives who also celebrate disemploying and jailing people for racism, anti-semitism, and Holocaust denial, and support both state and federal laws criminalizing speech in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement and denying federal contracts to corporations that boycott Israel. All of which result in penalties considerably more harsh than simply not being able to graduate from one particular university.

Why is the enforcement of the cuckservative narrative any more acceptable to these self-professed champions of free speech than the SJW narrative or the Fake Science narrative?

So, to be blunt, I don't give a damn about any these so-called "free speech" rights anymore. The First Amendment is observably dead and it's now clearly all just a power game of "who, whom" between rival identity groups, which means it is time for Anglo-American Christians to go back to having the temporal courts enforce blasphemy laws that criminalize all blasphemies against God, including denying His being or providence, all contumelious reproaches of Jesus Christ, all profane scoffing at the Holy Scriptures, and exposing any part thereof to contempt or ridicule, and punish violators with death, imprisonment, corporal punishment and fine.

That is not only more legitimate than these various anti-speech laws and public policies, it is actually part of the common law that has been degraded by non-Anglo immigrants who never understood it due to their historical lack of exposure to it.



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