Pluther #fundie

(=Regarding LGBT Christians and LGBT affirming Christians=)

Sad. People want to want God, or at least heaven (with or without him), but don't want to deny their flesh, or the temptations of Satan (who only wants to kill and destroy them). Being "saved" or a Christian is not about the Law at all, ceremonial or otherwise. It's about giving your life over to God in Jesus Christ and letting him decide what is right or wrong for you. It's about a relationship of love, where you want what he wants for you, not what you want or think you want or what your flesh hungers for. The joy of a real relationship with Jesus far, far outweighs any sensual pleasure or sexual experience or relationship. You people who want God and also your homosexual lives don't really know God, and you are settling for hay and straw when he wants to give you gold.



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