Mark Kerpolt #racist

Polacks often side with shitskins, like in Germany there are reports of Turko-Polack gangs beating up Germans. They live among them in the same ghettos. The only thing they don't like about their shitskinned neighbors is when they cross paths, but Polacks and shitskins equally ‘love’ non-Polacks/non-shitskins respectively.

Polacks are worse criminals, in quite a lot of aspects of their worthless existence, than some shitskinned scum in fact. Polacks make better pickpockets than gypsies, even Russian kike criminals say that. In the Netherlands and Flanders, Polacks have been caught stealing bronze and copper statues (of notable and historical figures, part of our ancestry), which they steal to melt down to be able to sell the copper and other metals, which are relatively scarce at the moment and bring in a lot of money. They've even been cutting down electricity cables, to extract metals like copper from them.

Most shitskins, ~99% of them, don't do this kind of shit!! Polacks are really a sub-human class apart. The media often uses the Polacks and their criminal scum nature to oppose nationalists and racialists by using them as an example to claim that ‘Whites are equally criminal.’ I don't care how allegedly ‘White’ they supposedly appear. They're really like the kike in many ways, certainly in the way that they're harmful to our existence.



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