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I thought , as most people, the whole flat earth thing was ridiculous but looked at it with an open mind. Hendrie's book explains experiments that show there is no curvature. YouTube has many videos of tests done that also prove there's no curvature, many done by Christians. A globe earth encourages belief in evolution, aliens, big bang and devalues man. A flat earth proves there is a creator God and that man is the center of his creation. I've found the Bible supports a flat earth. That's why science and NASA are trying to hide it. A study in a flat earth will open a whole can of worms and open your eyes to so much of what's been going on.
But beware, people will think you're nuts for even looking into it. Shows you how effective the brainwashing has been.
I just started reading Hendrie's book and it's over 700pages but so far I'm impressed.



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