Steve Van Nattan #fundie

First, let us note that in Israel in Jesus' day the Rabbis at the local synagogue taught the children. So, Jesus was not taught as a boy by women, nor did He submit to them, other than his mother in biblical respect. Hillary's village did NOT raise the kids-- the godly men did.

Second, we must ask when a boy becomes a man. If that is at about age 13, then a boy over 13 should not be taught formally by a woman other than his mother who is under the headship of her husband, the boy's Dad. I see no problem with a young child being taught by a godly woman. Of course, there are none in the Public Schools of the United States, for if they were godly, they would stay at home. So, if you have a godly lady who tutors your young child, and if you, sir, are in charge of the whole format and content, I see no problem.

Third, where a boy is under a woman teacher in a public school, that boy must be warned not to allow that woman to teach him ANYTHING other than cold facts of Math and History etc. The father of the boy must go to the school and demand that the Principal not allow the woman teacher to teach ANY moral or spiritual principles to his son. This applies to the alleged "Christian School" also.

Fourth, if this cannot be obeyed and accomplished through the public OR church school, then the father must bring his son home to be taught at home. Whatever he learns at home, the son will not be confounded in his zeal to be a man before God.



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