Lynne Meadows #fundie

There have been no cures for ANYTHING using fetal tissue. If there has been, then prove it. That's so ironic that you talk about Human suffering. Do you think the babies that are killed may have suffered? Even just a little?? Have you ever watched an ultrasound of a 8 week old baby? They have a heart, they have a brain, they feel pain. They wince when poked, so lets talk about that HUMAN suffering? Are you so blind that you don't see that we are killing one human being to donate it's body parts for research to try to save another? Humm, sounds awfully familiar, as in Germany during the Holocaust when Hitler did experiments on the Jews to establish a superior race. Remember that? Everyone at the time turned their heads just like you are doing. People can be given information in a way it may look okay, when it's not. PP has been doing this for years, so tell me what diseases have been cured from this practice? Another lie from PP! And, how are the videos misleading? The day the first "edited" video came out, the full version was also released. You can watch it. It is what it is. Planned Parenthood themselves did not deny ANYTHING in the videos. All the President of PP said was that the "tone" was not what PP represents. No denial, so why are you denying it? Have you watched any of the videos?? And, YES, I am very proud, not of myself, but of the fact that people are seeing abortion for what it is. It's human life extermination for the baby, and the Mother if she has a conscience, will for the rest of her life live with the fact that a baby she grew inside of her, she let someone kill because it was inconvenient. That is the top reason for abortion. So you ask am I happy? Yes I am happy that it's stopped. I'm happy that fetal tissue donation has stopped!! Absolutely. Pro abortion people have really been brainwashed into thinking this is okay! Where is your humanity and compassion?? What happened to the argument that a fetus is just a clump of cells?? If that is so, how is a "clump of cells" now so important?? How is it that the precious little baby is important enough to you to be used for so called research, but not important enough to allow it to be born. It is NOT part of the Mother. It lives within the Mother's Body, but has it's separate DNA, heart, liver (as PP says is so valuable), it's own heart, brains and is it's own person. Please really think about what you are defending and do some research on what happens during an abortion, and with the medical knowledge we have now, Roe V Wade it outdated and needs to be reversed. We know so much more about babies in utero now, that we can see what happens to them. I have no hidden agenda other than the trying to save the lives of these babies.



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