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First I think it is awesome that our President acknowledges Jerusalem as Israel's capitol! It has been long overdue in my opinion. HOWEVER, does anyone else see this delaying the rapture? After all when Israel gets invaded by the evil alliance don't they end up standing alone? Isn't it God Himself that saves them? If we are allies with Israel and we honor that obligation, which I think we should, then God isn't going it alone. Am I missing something?

Or, and this just popped into my mind, does the war happen AFTER the Rapture when the US is crippled by the good ones being raptured away (which I'm hoping would include our Pres and VP) ? I know there are prophecy students on both sides of that issue whether the war is pre-Rapture or post-Rapture. With everything going on in the M.E. right now making Damascus look like a big Israeli target, and the coalition of Gog/Magog/Persia there, IF the war is post-Rapture then man we have to be close! Better sign off before I get in trouble for date setting. Much to think about.



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