ChicagoMan #fundie

If you try dating sites you should SPECIFY how important these values are to you.

Avoid any woman that:
Experiments in bisexuality
Has tramp stamps
Has children
Is a feminist
Says anything about being a "Strong Woman"
Blames and projects all her problems on men
Lets you sleep with her earlier than 2 months into the relationship
Says that career is the most important thing to her
Says she wants a man to provide for her (duh, all women do, but if she says it, look out)
Says she is looking for her prince
Is a vegetarian or environmentalist
Plays any kind of testing games on you (see my earlier posts)
Yes, you will have WAY LESS dates, but why waste your time? IF you want sex, hire a sex worker, because most AW are not worth it and at least the sex worker is honest in her intentions.



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