Donald Campbell #fundie

The tide may already be turning. Why are so many young males spending all their time gaming? It *used* to be the only safe place they had to go. (Backs against the wall, the gamers have not stood quietly by and watch the destruction.) Colleges already have 3 women for every 2 men, yet the feminist want more. STEM isn’t a field with patriarchal oppression of women, but it does require *math*, and ‘feeling good’ about your answer will not cut it.
JC’s links are at least the real side of problem. A few years ago it was all ‘failure to launch’, ‘man up’, ‘chivalry is dead’. Kind of hard for the feminists to complain about the last one when Insty will immediately reply, “Yes, and you killed it.”

My modest proposal is for all the young men getting false rape charges to sue, and sue for a lot. Then pool all your money into commercial space ventures. When and if we survive as a civilization that long, the current social situation will make asteroid mining a dream occupation. Away from all the whiny feminists, your ship, your VR equipment and your fleshlight… what more could a man ask for? Women will, of course, be welcome to participate and for them, if they survive the conditions for a year, they either were not feminists or they have had all the silliness drummed out of them. Likewise, no degree required, if you can live on an asteroid, you have proven your qualification. Final good point. The belt is close enough to still reap some of the benefits of civilization, but until FTL communication is discovered, it will be a wondrous few hours between them and the rage storms flying across the Internet. By the time they receive and transmit a response, it will be another news cycle and another rage of the moment.



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