Hunter Wallace #racist

Here's my vision of the ultimate fate of blacks:

(1) We seize control of Liberia and Sierra Leone and turn these failed states into an American colony.

(2) In cooperation with the Europeans, we start colonizing all blacks in Europe, Canada, and the United States in West Africa.

(3) The Afrikaners are restored to power in South Africa and begin to push the blacks across the Limpopo.

(4) In the long term, the ultimate goal must be to deport every single black in the Western hemisphere back to West Africa, which would become a reservation for the worldwide black population.

(5) Ultimately, I would like to see all the blacks in Central and East Africa from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Kenya and points south removed to West Africa and Central Africa north of the Congo and Ubangi rivers.

(6) This massive area from the Cape in South Africa north to the borders of the Central Africa Republic would be transformed into a second version of North America for European settlement.



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