josephbc69 #conspiracy

[Regarding Hillary Clinton]

It’s not simply that “It’s too bad this has come out since it’ll increase that evil dyke’s appeal among Democrats.” Au contraire, it is NECESSARY that it –and ALL the worms in her infinite can– come out ASAP.

For, just as we know that ‘the Truth will set you free,’ we need to awake as many as possible to the reality of the satanic Broom Hilda becoming POTUS by using every lie & every deception that ever was, or ever will be.

Believe me, as I am privy to what she & her wretched misfit partner-in-crime Billy Blow Bob have done and will do: they’d will sell their parents and child for medical experiments if the payoff were large enough: “The White House regrets to announce the untimely [fat freaking chance!] of the sudden death of [you fill in the names] and know that our prayers are to Satan that we’re never found out!”

As we used to say in VietNam, ‘There it is!’ and welcome to it: the USSA, to be perfected under Broom Hilda and her political bed-fellows [maximum sarcasm].



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