Joshjefflawn #fundie

Hey, Ive got another one that throws a curveball to the Darwinists (ie evolutionists)
The Bumble Bee, did you know that the Bumble Bee is not suposed to fly. The way it is constructed it is according to sientists to heavy to fly. They can't even explane it.

I guess God showed them.

But I definently think Evolution is stupid. (Now I do believe that God can change the genes of a specific animal or what have you. But I believe that it is God doing it and that it doesn't "just happen").

Like when I was in highschool, I had to watch a stupid video on how the earliest ansestor of multi cellular organisms was the sea spunge. Yea you read it right, a sea spunge, that non moving thing that just sits on the ocean floor created all this world, Hey, guess what, Shh, this is a secret. A SEA SPUNGE CAN ONLY CREATE ANOTHER SEA SPUNGE THROUGHT BREADING. The Idea that some how millions of years ago, some how the sea spung grew legs and walked off and turned into a fish is Crazy.

Well next time you watch Spunge Bob Square Pants, that's our earliest ansester, give me a break



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