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Egyptian Pyramids
Aside from the fact that “Ancient Egypt” is an historical alias of the Greco-Roman Empire, Egyptian pyramids, which are allegedly the tombs of Egyptian Pharos, are built in the shape of the Chevron symbol (i.e., “?”), the most sacred symbol in the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet). Because the Egyptian pyramids are modeled after the Mesoamerican pyramids of South America, they are referred to as E-“gypt”-ian pyramids. The term “Egypt” (G+P+T) consonantly equates to “gypt”, meaning to steal or rip-off. Gypt is synonymous with “gypsies”, a people who have been historically depicted as traveling thieves. In other words, the Egyptian pyramids were built in a premeditated attempt to deceive the world in respect to the true history of the Greco-Roman Empire and the Mediterranean region in general. As of 2008, a total of 138 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt. Numerologically speaking, the number “138” is highly esteemed in Greco-Roman lore. The number “13” equates to the letter “M”, an acronym for “Man” (i.e., the “Line of Man” and the 13 Bloodlines of Rome), while the letter “H” equates to the number “8”, an acronym for “Infinity” or “Forever”. Therefore, the number “138” ultimately equates to “13 Bloodlines of Rome Forever”. This notion is only accomplished by hiding the respective history of the Greco-Roman Empire, hence the fraudulent pyramids of Egypt. Interestingly, the Egyptian Pyramid of Khafre was built with a “cap” or “capstone” that defies the both the laws of physics and time. Under normal circumstances, the very tip of a pyramid would sustain the most coercion due to its exposure to the elements (e.g., air, moisture, rain, sand, sunlight, wind, etc.). Despite being exposed to the elements on all five sides (i.e., top, north, east, south and west), it has mysteriously remained relatively intact. This suggests that the Pyramid of Khafre was built with a cap to begin with, an apparent tribute to Greenland, the “cap” or “capstone” of the Earth. This notion is confirmed by the name “Khfre” (C/K+F/P+R) which acronymically and/or consonantly equates to “Cap Rome” or “Cap Four”, a possible reference to the four-pronged Roman Cross.



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