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[On whether Jews are more intelligent than whites]

No they are not more intelligent than Whites.
Not in any way.
jews are relatively dull and redundant, but in no way intellectually superior to Whites.

Name a great jewish civilization? Name a great jewish culture?
We cannot because there is NONE.
There never has been and never will be such a thing.
Civilization is not in the jew genetics, itz not possible for the jew to achieve that.

Name a nation or society that has ever been improved by the presence of jews?
We cannot, because there is no such thing.

Name a White Nation that has been harmed by the presences of jews?
Easy, EVERY White nation that has allowed jews has only suffered form it, since jews are a collective negative in any place they infect.

jews are not very intelligent, they are sly, clever, deceptive, corrupt and quick to find weakness and exploit it,
which is really a survival instinct and not an intelligent talent,
similar to how a snake in the desert or a fish in water can surirvier much better, but neither is smarter than white people;
itz survival mechanism the evil inbreed jews have cultivated in their twisted genetic lineage to allow them to suck the life out of Western civilization white White people remain the only ones who can build and maintain it.

Yes some jews excel in academic and through connection and jewish privilege achieve prominent positions,
but Whites can do far better, as can many Asians.

Some jews are smart, most are not.
As Dr.Pierce said of the fraud Einstein, "has was a competent physicist" but nothing more and nowhere near the image jews made of him,
he was far below Tesla and the jews can never produce a Tesla, who had plenty of European company in the sphere of exceptional intellects.

What have jews really achieved on their own?
Nothing much and their so called success and power is based in huge part on help form traitorous, self serving White goyim,
who fail compared to jews in racial loyalty or common interest.

Lawyers? what the fuck is that? not a science or any great example of intellectual ability, its theatrics, verbal manipulation and playing with rules.
Look at those sacks of shit in robes on amerikas "supreme court", examples of national retardation before any great "legal minds".

Films? fuck off hymie, for every kike producing degenerate garbage, we can find a thousand talented White kids who can create artistic cinema in ways hymie could never approach even if it wanted to.
Same for music or any other art form.
jews are not creative and therefore not talented in artistic discipline, so all they really produce is shit and filth... for examples see...well, see anything the jews have ever done that they label as "Art".

so we can find links and studies and all that shit showing us just how much smarter, more creative and better Whites are than jews,
but if we made the mistake of expelling all jews form White nations instead of doing right and exterminating all of them,
and place that shit-race on an island like Madagascar, what do you think would happen in 1,000 years of free jews?
fuck all and nothing else is what.
Even if we allow trade of good without any permission of jews to leave jew-land they would regress to primitive desert tribalism.

Consider a non-white compassion, jews can never build an amazing island nation like Japan.

While White people have done even better than the Asians by creating what we call Western Civilization and we did that while being corrupted, defiled and shackled by the poisonous, diseased dead weight
of the parasitic jews in our midst.

Asians have lived relatively jew free yet overall we have still surpassed all other races.

Imagine how much further we can go when there is no such thing as jews in our world preventing White progress.



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