Grace Kim Kwon #fundie

Not true. Many Christians simply don't watch TV or entertainment because of rampant violence and immorality. Hollywood thinks all Westerners( or all mankind) of both the past and present have been sick and immoral as they are, but that's not true. There were and are many normal people. Hollywood can neither comprehend the Biblical truth or their Christian ancestors because excessive immorality causes brain defects. Or they are simply demon-possessed. Stay away from Hollywood as much as possible. Even if they make Christian movies, they contain blasphemies.Television is one of the most mind numbing drugs invented, & the biggest threat to the democratic process of this once great republic.

The "fix" would be to require passing a test on federal & state constitutional content & intent to become "licensed" to vote, this would leave the "easily led" to their Oprah, Springer, & homosexual-centric Hollyweird So Californicate slothful lifestyle warming their couch potato impression... So they won't be "driving US into ditches"... Running stop-signs, & letting their friends drive the economy off the cliff.

Here we have one redeeming satellite TV channel called "C-SPAN", which carries live events in congress.. I can tell you that these clowns in DC would behave/speak much different if they knew that "only" licensed voters were listening!O_o!

Seriously, we license drivers of automobiles so they can be held accountable to the rules of the road. .. In the USA, the constitution is the "rules of the road", and there is nothing in that document that allows for the "business as usual" of passing Obama-Nation-Bills, without reading them, or handing out free stuff in exchange for votes, printing money out of thin air, or allowing guys in dresses define marriage!O_o!
Yes. Reading the Holy Bible and Christian literature gives Christians discernment what to watch and what not to by discovering the will of God.



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