Kevin Geary #conspiracy

Question One: Do doctors receive any benefits from vaccine manufacturers?

Question Two: Does the government receive any benefits from vaccine manufacturers?

Question Three: Do researchers and educators receive any benefits from vaccine manufacturers?

Those are important questions, wouldn’t you say? Do you know the answer? Just be honest with yourself.

If you’re a vaccine advocate and you don’t have a confident answer to all three of those questions, that’s a bit reckless.

Anyone who thinks the medical establishment wouldn’t [almost] universally recommend something that’s [almost] totally unnecessary hasn’t looked into cholesterol and statin drugs or the [non] link between saturated fat and heart disease.*

*The government has peddled this same myth for decades. The entire food pyramid is a giant manipulation designed to reward Big Agriculture. And “manipulation” is not a shock-term. If you’ve never heard of Luise Light, then you’re grossly misinformed about what the federal government is capable of when it comes to pulling wool over the eyes of the American people.

Anyone who thinks the research establishment won’t come to specific, pre-determined conclusions due to collusion between governments and industry probably doesn’t know that 97–99% of medical journal advertising profits come from pharmaceutical companies, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a year.



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