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[rawlenyanzi is a commenter who is turning away from atheism.]

Atheism cannot determine what is “right” or “wrong” or what we “ought” to do. It can only tell me what is. All talk of ethics or morality defined by what is rational or evolved is nonsense, since it is ultimately arbitrary.

The atheist only has two methods of enforcing obedience to his arbitrary ethical code: rewards and punishments. If the subject or subjects aren’t dependent on the rewards and can avoid the punishments, the atheist’s “moral code” has no force at all (this perhaps explains why the Communists expanded state power and forbade anyone from leaving.) On top of that, what is “right” can change according to the fancies of the ruler or ruling class.

Also, if you’re an atheist, what’s wrong with, say, believing that the nuclear family, with the traditional division of labor between man and woman, is positively good? It’s not like you’ll go to Atheist Hell (a.k.a. Utah) if you’re an outright reactionary. Sure, the dominant progressive culture will punish you, but that’s hardly the same as something being “good” or “moral.” It shows that atheism, not religion, is based on the principle of might-makes-right — because it is the only way it can make right.

That sky fairy is looking more and more appealing each day.



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