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The Abrahamic God evolved from the desert and MUST go back and remain in his domain, to restore balance to the planet

This WAR we're fighting, has been going on from the beginning. Long before there were any Jews or Christians walking the Earth ?

Believe it or not, not all Jewish people or Israelis are evil. Within certain circles, there are some who believe that today's Zionists could be the descendants of Jews from Ancient Babylon.

These Babylonian wizards were notorious for all things related to evil deeds. Black magic, child sacrifice, cannibalism and every other depraved act you can imagine.

True freedom begins with forgiveness. Our warriors Men/Women MUST BE spiritually cleansed for the coming battle, otherwise we will lose the fight.

We must be capable of forgiveness while at the same time if required, be able to defend our families, lands and way of life to the bitter end ... without giving in to our baser instincts and seething in our own hate.

This fight is equally a battle of spirit as it is a fight for our rights as people

Here's the hard part ...

Could a person simultaneously run their sword through their enemy i.e; (Black, Asian, Muslim, Jew etc) and be genuinely capable of forgiving that same person as they bleed to death?


Blood & Honor, words which hold great meaning

Remember, we're the Good Guys

This WAR has been going on from the very beginning, and it's not just the Jews who play a big role in this. We all do. This is equally a battle of spirit as it is a fight for our rights as people.

I have no fear of demons as I am prepared to forgive them, therefore they cannot harm me

We hold OUR swords up high in honor

Hail Golden Dawn!


We hold OUR swords up high in honor!

The cry of Sieg Heil ? echoing within the halls of time will forever ignite the holy union between Ethnic Europeans

???O? ????

Hail Ioannis Metaxas!

Heil Hitler!

Hail, children of Zeus!

"In truth at first Chaos came to be, but next wide-bosomed Earth"




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