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Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. I know that people are mocking the soon return of Jesus for His church. I know that over many generations people were sure that his return for us was imminent, and yet it didn't happen. There have always been things that "fit" the signs of His return. But, never before, have so many things described in prophesy all come together at one same time. Do you see it?

On top of the natural disasters increasing, and the love of mankind waxing cold, the in- your-face rejection of God's laws for mankind, the uprisings between nations, there are now in the news every day, something new for us to look at. I'm talking about Aritifical Intelligence, cloning, the bit coin,DNA searches, the fact that truth is no longer in the news, that churches have become lukewarm and spouting heresy..........these are all signs of satan setting up the world for the arrival of the antichrist. Some of these things have never been seen before........but, they will affect lives in negative ways in the near future.

The bit coin will give power to the rich to control all the rest of the world's population. DNA information will lead to the culling of people for their race, and for their ethnic cultural backgrounds. AI will lead to all kinds of terrible things. The news will report everything as " it's okay - no problems here. Nothing to see - move on", as they are already doing today, only worse.

The media are keeping the people so focused on the personalities of our politicians and celebrities, that the people are so busy attacking each other, that they don't look beyond all that, and see what is transpiring around the globe that will soon affect each and every one of us. "Thinking themselves wise, they became fools". Just my opinion, but I really feel that our Lord is about to make His encore here, and take us out of this world. I think it will be much sooner than most even imagine. Seven or so years later He will come back and His feet will touch the earth, and, those seven years are going to be the worse years of earth's history. His kingdom will then prevail.

I appeal to you to don't get so focused on our country's problems and the mega storm of hate that surrounds it, that you don't look further into all the events now happening, and being downplayed, that will soon effect the whole world. And, that will affect everyone's eternity. We are, today, being played by satan and his minnions.........big time. But, most people aren't looking to see it. Open your eyes. Be watchmen on the wall........share what you learn with others.



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