Jelaila Starr #conspiracy

Q. There were persistent rumors for many years that Hitler didn't really die at the end of the war, but successfully fled Germany. Ever since I made the breakthrough, I've suspected that these rumors might be true, but not in the physical sense. In other words, he did commit suicide in that bunker, but immediately took charge of a band of Nazi Theocrats on the astral plane, and is probably still up there today, sustained by the psychic energies of the creeps and misfits who continue to wear the swastika and practice the Nazi creed of bigotry and violence.

A. The truth is much stranger than that.

Hitler and hundreds of other Nazi leaders fled as disembodied spirits to Japan to assist their Theocratic allies there. They hoped that a D-Day-type invasion of Japan would prove too costly to the Allies and that Japanese Fascism would survive after a negotiated peace.



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