Morriss Moore #fundie

The "entertainers" are a society of perversion, drug, alcohol, and absolutel lack of moral and human values is expected. If they want to support perversion, that is their right. However, while they demand "equal rights" for this type of society, they are demonstrating their intolerance and non acceptance of those with moral values and love of country. How can they, as "all accepting, loving and tolerant" of one group be so intolerant of the majority of the people who refuse to accept lifestyles that they do not agree with. I can understand that, liberals want to accept anything that they believe in and the lifestyle they want, as long as thye are the same as theirs, but don't have an different life value, then you are all kinds of names and phobias. Stay in your perverse world, I'll live in mine, do as you want but don't protest me because I refuse to become as you! After all is that not freedom?



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