Paul S #fundie

I've often imagined a Puritan utopia if there were no separation, and the church was our state.
Our two-party system could become the Catholics and the Protestants who could impose laws not unlike the following:
Performing or receiving an abortion would be a capital offense with no exceptions, while prayer in public schools would be mandatory, and intelligent design would be taught as a science. Gay marriage would never be uttered, and being actively gay in itself would be a crime. Possessing a copy of Playboy would be the equivalent to a minor drug offense, whereas owning hardcore pornography would be in line with heroin possession, and R-rated movies would be a thing of the past. Premarital sex and cohabitation of unmarried couples would be unlawful. A governmental agency called the SEA (Sexual Enforcement Agency) could be created to assure that the strict new laws of the bedroom and entertainment industry be enforced. The two parties could debate Biblical implications when setting policies on issues such as birth control and appropriate dress for women, as well as which books and music CDs should be burned.
Now my question to all the devout Christians who would love this hypothetical scenario is: what would be the result? Would hurricanes and earthquakes end? Would our summers be filled with days that are perfectly sunny and 74 degrees, with gentle evening rains? Would our hospitals empty because our nation's people would be blessed with nothing but great health? Would the economy flourish with a 100% living wage employment rate? Would criminals simply lose the urge to break the law?
I have heard that gays and feminists caused tragedies like September 11th, and Hurricane Katrina. But, what would happen if our nation fully and completely adhered to God's Laws?
I'd like to know.



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