Sthernbull #fundie

Hitler outlaws abortion of GERMAN babies, but supported abortion of the "undermention". Nice try! Hitler, did support prayer BUT prayer to the PARTY, not God, as he planned to replace the idea of religion with the worship of the Party. Hitler did rebuild the Military, as part of the Government work program to provide jobs and lower unemployment. I also notice Obama has NOT cut the Military and now even wants to attack Syria which much like Poland has done NOTHING to warrant such and attack. The Nazi party was full of Homosexuals, many were killed in the Night of the Long knives, but they were active party members, and not ALL were sent to Camps, just those that questioned Hitler. Hitler took rights from all that opposed him not just those more to his left, just like you Democrats are trying to do now, with talk radio and Fox News.

So not you attempt to twist history did not bother me in the least. Oh FYI, I am a history teacher, your over matched.



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