Grace Kim Kwon #fundie

America needs Christian schools. Government should pay for private schools and homeschools as well, without regulation. State exams are fine if those are not atheistic in content. It's unfair only the atheistic and Sodomic public schools are getting support from the State. Who made atheism the state religion in the West? There is no neutrality in secularism; it's been only godlessness and atheism. Children need Christian morality for normality.You are a little inaccurate. The creators and fathers of the USA of all eras never imagined the nation would be this blasphemous, Anti-christian, immoral, and atheistic. Such possibility just never dawned on their mind. To them, being a decent human meant being Christian. Today's secular West is massively violating the Christrians, pushing blasphemy and Sodomy and infanticide. Christian education must be upheld in the West including the USA; the secular West has no other way to live or understand morality.



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