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Married game is controversial in the manosphere, since one is supposed to be able to depend on one's wife to refrain from cheating and frigidity without the need to use game. At the same time, women's AWALT tendencies remain in effect after the wedding and they will be repulsed if a man let himself go (e.g. by abandoning all of his interests outside of the relationship and dropping his workout routine). Donal Graeme writes:[1]

Game is perhaps the only method available to most married men to bring some measure of control to their marriage. The State no longer provides that control. The general culture no longer provides that control. And increasingly religion, Christianity itself, no longer provides that control. Married men (most of them anyways) need Game in order to combat an environment that encourages self-destructive behavior in women. Should they need it? No, of course not. If our civilization was sane Game wouldn't be necessary. But it isn't sane, and men need every tool at their disposal to make marriage work. This includes Game.

Not everything that is included under the umbrella of Game is necessarily proper in marriage, mind you.

According to Roosh, "The extreme of this inauthenticity is the married man who must apply “game” on his wife, even though she pledged to dedicate her life to him unto death, just so that she doesn’t get bored with him and cheat before draining his blood in a divorce. While the player has to put on a clown suit when he goes to the club to pick up women, the married man has to permanently wear the clown suit and hope she never strays, especially if he married an attractive Western woman." He continues, "The problem is that if you can’t be honest with someone and express your true thoughts, you’re in a relationship that can’t possibly last. If you’re applying game to your wife, and that game is not congruent with your beliefs, the marriage will end."[2]

In Roosh Q&A: Patriarchy & Tradition, Roosh noted that married game involves taking the lead and being strong.



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