Alienigena #fundie

My response would be that women are not a sexual minority we are half the population of the planet (if nature is let to take its course) and femicide (e.g. sex selective abortion, differential treatment and female infanticide) is not part of the equation. So why should we be on the side of sexual minorities when their goals are not the same as ours. They want to use our numbers to legitimate their cause and co-opt our movements to pursue their own, very particular agendas.

The fight of trans-identified males is not our fight. The rights of biological females (lesbian, bisexual, trans-identified females (biological females)) is our fight. Women are not a marginal group in society. I have often felt like the odd person out given my lack of interest in conforming to the notion that women should centre their lives around men. Thing is, you can be heterosexual but not like the behaviour or entitlements of men and not want to spend your life pandering to them. You have a right to reject the company of men, doesn't make you an outlier. But people are intent on making you feel like a weirdo for finding the way society is organized pretty toxic.



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