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Our religion is the religion of all of mankind. The purpose of Divine laws and rulings is for them to be acted on. If you think so lowly of us and our religion and our shariah, then have the guts to leave the Muslims alone and stop interfering in their affairs. Let them fight it out and whoever wins...you can sign a treaty with them (nobody is going to cross the oceans and invade a nuclear power like the US) and then when they are finally free to establish their own state you can sit back and say look at how they rule...this is why we are better and why were are more rational and logical. But I don't think that will happen (the Islamic Khalifah has existed for centuries and ruled over much of the earth) and I think perhaps your people will finally look and see that what they have been told in terms of power, authority, governance, freedom, liberty, economics, and so forth...that it was a terrible lie. A terrible lie serving the devil and in defiance of God.

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