John Thomas #racist

This is what I think, Hope I am wrong:: Gun Control will be like DUI Laws. A Law for Rich People and A Law for Poor People. In other words…if you are a loyal Regimist and love the Khazars—you can get 3 Letters of Recomendation that your a Loyal Khazar Imperium Citizen and then when approved…the Loyal Khazar Citizen can go buy whatever he wants…HK 91s (308s) with 50 round mags and AA-12 Shotguns–no problem….special `permists…but the poor folks will only get six shooters and single shot rifles and Shot Guns with 6 or less rounds….with limits on Ammo purchase and ID signing……Air Gun Control has been since Napoleon….If ya got a super Air Rifle you can make your own ammo and will not need to buy Khazar Ammo. And by the way–check out: and read about how a Jew Billionaire owns 85 percent of Gun Manufacturing in USA,,,, The Jew Billionaires name is Feinstein and his father lives in NEW TOWN!!!!



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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