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Asian parenting styles, success of and stress upon Asian children in educational systems whether in Asia or the U.S.?

Probably in our overpopulated, environmentally degraded, increasingly technocratic and controlling societies Asian children have a profound advantage. There is some evidence Asian children have not only considerable natural intelligence, those of perhaps especially the Far East are descendants of societies which for centuries stressed social order over individuality, which is to say for centuries the individualist in those societies was at a disadvantage and gradually the Asian type was arrived at to point of stereotype: The intelligent but rather conforming person.

In our societies today whether of East or West, whether authoritarian or democratic--choose your system, your politics--we seem to be moving regardless of label to a world which was something of the historical situation which gave birth to China and other Asian countries, which is to say stress is being placed, when organizing diverse and large populations, on intelligence and conformity more than anything else...You must be intelligent to go far goes without saying, but not intelligent and too individual--you must fit in as easily as possible with other people.

Asians excel at this as anyone has observed having walked on the streets of an Asian city such as Hong Kong or Tokyo. You see thousands of intelligent faces going politely about their business. The U.S. seems to favor this evolution.



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