Rev. Joseph Chambers #fundie

You cannot read the available information and data about the Pokemon phenomena without having an immediate reaction. The entire method and purpose of the game is to induce the possession of the player by devils. It is sorcery, clear and simple. The ultimate results of these games are as follows:

* Children and youth learn how to play with devils, which the Bible identifies as fallen angels.
* Children and youth are being taught that they can make devils subject to them.
* They are taught that devils are their servants and that the devils will fight for them against their enemies.
* They learn that these devils (pocket monsters) can evolve into more powerful devils.
* They learn that these devils have psychic powers that appear to be supernatural. (Psychic is Satan's imitation for supernatural in the Bible.)
* The children are challenged to become "masters" by conquering more and more monsters and the powers that operate in these creatures.



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