In His Service #fundie

(=Response to a Progressive Christians's post about homosexuality, specifically the following paragraph=)

John Shore: "But you take the Bible out of the equation, and what grounds is there for determining that homosexuality is wrong? Whom does such love hurt? When two men are affectionately holding hands, who is getting hurt? When two women are snuggling together on their couch, who is getting hurt?"

In His Service: Who does it hurt? It hurts the ones who love you the most and it hurts God who created you for His predestined purpose.
I cannot pretend to understand what sin everyone is born with, but no one is perfect. This Earth is a testing ground to see where we will spend eternity. If it weren't for the Bible telling me that we are all sinners ( no matter which sin we are assigned on Earth) and we all need a Savior, then I would agree with you that it is ok to continue to sin. Bottom line, we are all sinners, we are all tested, we all need a Savior.



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