Roger #fundie

When I see how many Churches are falling from God's Holy Word, I don't take that lightly. Many mega Churches and small one's alike are falling right into the hands of Satan and twisting God's Word to conform to the culture "the world"and His Word warns us not to do that very thing.

I believe that many true born again Christians are very serious about walking in the truth and that dabbling in any degree of apostasy would be akin to playing Russian roulette with Satan. What I am trying to convey here is that I don't believe we are to hide from the world, but, we are not to be living like the world or be a part of it, we are in it, but as Christians we are to walk in His Word! I have adult children who are caught up in the emergent/new age Church and my heart grieves at how many, too many are falling into the same lies.

We are told not to do anything to make a brother or sister stumble in their walk with the Lord! If I say it is o.k. to listen to worship music from Hillsong or another Church that is teaching false doctrine, then what message am I giving to these brothers and sisters in Christ? And, also, what message am I giving to the world.

And, matter of fact, when I have tried to get my adult children and others in the Church to even listen to any truth about these matters of false teaching from such Churches, I am being divisive. Therefore, I do consider this to be a very serious matter in light of God's Word and the souls of many... including our children and grand children. I believe we should fear The Lord, not man.



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