Anna Diehl #fundie

The term “mental illness” is very broad and often misapplied. The brain is a physical organ, and like your liver, heart, and gallbladder, the brain can malfunction. Because the brain is like the central processing computer that runs your whole body, when the brain has problems, it can result in some upsetting experiences for you. But confusion arises when psychiatrists who don’t acknowledge God or demons start blaming their patients for things that have nothing to do with brain malfunctions. The fact that a demon is screaming at you doesn’t make you ill anymore than having some human screaming at you makes you ill. Now maybe you’re having more problems than just hearing voices, and maybe some of those other problems are a result of your physical brain not running totally smoothly. We don’t know your whole situation, so we can’t say. But we can certainly tell you that the voices you’re hearing are coming from demons, and that they are not originating from you, thus they are not a sign that you are “crazy.”



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