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Add to all the above, the persecutions and deaths of Christians worldwide, the luke-warmness of so many, many churches worldwide that no longer preach the truth, thus leading people down a path strewn with lies to their eternal damnation, peoples rising up against each other in many countries worldwide, the utter chaos and corruption in most world governments, if not all..............

Then add in the breakdown of family structure, man's inhumanity to man, sexual perversion of all sorts around the world............ hate, selfishness, lovers of themselves, blasphemers of God, etc. etc. etc. The earth and nature and the animals are moaning. It really doesn't take much to realize that we are in the "as in the days of Noah" and the repeat performance of Lot's problems in Soddom and Gomorrah. We are so close to the end of this Age of Grace that only a fool can't see it! I agree TT, it will not surprise me if He comes for us within the next few years, if not even sooner.

I have always been the "watcher" in my family........... my parents and sibling have all gone to be with the Lord. My husband has gone to be with the Lord. They were not watchers, but they listened to what I had to say - and agreed most of the time. Most of the extended family that are still here are not saved, and pay no heed to what I have to say to them about the decision they need to make, nor the revelations of end times, i try to share with them. They think I'm nuts!!! Is that not yet another good sign of the times? ..... and, it is happening all around the world!

We are right there, my friends. The pieces have almost all been placed on the stage in their designated spots, and the curtain is about to go up. We don't need to watch for much more. Things are only going to get worse with each day that goes by here, and around the globe. Make sure you are ready to go............



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