Steed #conspiracy

Jewish publications were banding the 6 million figure about long before WWII, and certainly before the Allies came along and tallied the deaths, because it was a requirement of their Zionist prophecy. Also note how where ‘Holocaust Denial’ is illegal, it is illegal to suggest that 5,999,999 Jews died. Why? Does one life change the atrocity? No, it’s because it undermines the required figure for the ‘Shoah Prophecy’.

With this in mind, is it so crazy to consider that the same elite Zionist Jews (Rothschild) who are currently murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims might have sacrificed some of their own racial/religious kin for the greater good of realising a deeply-held Biblical Prophecy? I don’t know whether these elites ‘allowed’ Hitler to come to power for this end, but I do know that through their puppet Prime Minister Winston Churchill they had German supply routes bombed, ensuring that hundreds of thousands of Jews starved to death.

Note also that the plaque at Auschwitz (which I’ve seen myself) and which commemorates the number who died, was revised downwards by around 2 million, and yet the overall “6 million” figure was never revised downwards accordingly.



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