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: Do you think we should put people in prison for getting caught with snuff films and gore like we do for child oorn? They're all psychos who need to be locked up before they hurt someone imo

Wow did you ever pick the wrong tree to bark up here my friend
I’ve probably got at least a gig worth of gore shock images on my hard drive as well as a far greater amount of BDSM porn that’d freak out most normal people
Also I don’t even think child porn should be illegal and I’m pretty sure I’ve defended that position here before but I’m always happy to do so again
It’s been shown again and again that if there’s some correlation between having some antisocial mental condition and seeking out violent/sexual/etc media the causation runs backwards from what you’re implying - people who were born with a problem express that through their media choices, rather than the consumption of media causing the issue. Meanwhile enormous numbers of perfectly sane and harmless people enjoy violent entertainment and pornography for their entire lives and never hurt anyone. The state should simply never be allowed to ban any sort of media at all - no exceptions.



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