Mr. Meow #fundie

(NOTE: This is gonna be part of a series of quotes directed towards/regarding pastor Chuck McKnight, a pastor who supports and practices polygamy)

LGBTQ, Trans, now Poly. I applaud the fact that you and Mrs. Chuck came out of the closet and publically declared your infidelity! Will you guys be wanting your own separate public toilets too?

"Additionally, there are many more faithful Christians who either feel that they are poly or feel drawn to see if they are, but they’re not sure whether it is compatible with their faith."
Newsflash Chuck: every guy on planet earth is "drawn" to polyamory or whatever you call it. That's why guys watch porn, stare at women with big boobs or wonder what it would be like to have sex with women who are NOT their wife, etc.. Christians are told in the bible all this is bad. It's called "fornication", "lust" and a bunch of other names.
Also, running around on your wife banging other chicks... that's called "adultery" Chuck. I'm pretty sure adultery or "defiling the marriage bed" is a sin.
So "exploring non-monogamous sexual relationships", isn't compatible with Christianity.
Finally, you should have a read of the bible Chuck. You'll notice it's loaded with all kinds of cautionary stories about guys who thought poly was cool and the unfortunate consequences of their shenanigans (unwanted children, infanticide, family feuds, murder and all that). Pretty eye-opening stuff.



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