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I'm not at all worried about the faithless individuals who see fit to post here, since they will be punished in Hell for eternity anyway. No, I'm more concerned with the kind people who have taken the trouble to point out the obvious. Are their souls at risk by allowing the creeping poison of so-called "science" erode their belief in Our Lord?

When we say that something appears to be "designed", we mean that it is too complex to have arisen naturally. Too much emphasis has been put on quibbling about obscure biological details, to my mind. Anyone can see the evidence for design all around us.

(after more ranting)

This result should come as good news to everyone who believes in the word of God - all the thoughts they are having are being put there by The Lord. The fact that many who accept the Bible know that the Book does not explicitly describe "free will" should certainly be gladdened; this extra thought has been put in their minds by God, in the same way as the Bible was inspired by Him. Of the thoughts placed into the minds of atheists and "scientists", I think we can agree that they have been placed there by another agency. The faithful should be wary of any thought that they believe to be "their own", since that is not possible, lest they deny God. Instead, they should examine it to determine its origin.



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