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*Warning: profanity in describing “strong women” and the male losers they are modeled on*

Let’s just call a spade a spade, what most feminists mean by “strong woman” is “b*tchy slut”. The more honest of them embrace those words but most will cry misogyny if you put it that way.

Well, tough brown stuff. Feminist have decided both in what they model and who they prefer to have sex with (not marry, but have sex with) the biggest male ***hole player in the room. If they hate my using the gendered terms bitchy slut for them I’ll award them the maleness they crave and call them ***hole players as well.

Of I can use their newest phrase, “nasty women”. I’m not sure why they like that one as nasty has strong hygienic associations and “nasty women” just says to me a high lack of feminine hygiene. This is a subject I learned more than I ever wanted to know when I innocently asked a female prison guard why she prefered working at a men’s prison to the one women’s prison in the state. Her diatribe on the need for a firehose during intake was…

Look, I’m a sailor and a snipe at that and…yeah, that was too much for me.

*Profanity off*

As a general rule when did ” take care of the weak and helpless” become something beneath most people or something you hire out (which is the real “compassion” today). Is it the death of religion? After all the second larger social service organization in the US after the Federal Government (which isn’t supposed to be one) is Catholic Charities, a group under routine attack. A large part of the appeal of Eastern Orthodoxy to me is the importance of alms as an expression of faith and means of growth within faith.

And why the hidden princess. She seems to be all the rage from Kaitness to Harry Potter. Even though Aragorn had the birthright he wasn’t revealed and then had it all. He had to earn it and his a lot of greats uncle and future father in law was not sure he had it in him.

Is it all because caring and achieving by something more than mere birthright is hard? Why, as we are supposedly ruled more by fairness and equality, are we more entranced by being born into something (and rejecting something we are born with in gender).

Yeah, I’m rambling now.



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