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Here we see the familiar, constant refrain of “you build it, we take it over.” Do women feel even the faintest bit of gratitude toward men for having developed these institutions in the first place? Does that mean anything to them?

I suppose I don’t understand why all of these things that were created by men will be better managed by women. It simply doesn’t make sense. In fact, I don’t think women will run them as well as men — I think it would be a disaster to hand male-created institutions wholesale over to women. But that seems inevitable, so I suppose we’ll see what comes of it.

The truth is that people always make a mess of things, no matter who’s in charge. There will be no brave new world with a woman at the helm, guiding us to a better society. With women in charge the mess will probably be worse than otherwise, because the most vital attribute of the state is force, which is expressed by men, and vanishingly few women can effectively command men. It’s simply contrary to human nature for men – especially fierce ones – to submit to female authority.

Female power in the West has rested solely on the willingness of men to enforce a chivalric ideal, but that ideal has been turned on its head by its own excess. Now, women will have to pay men cash for their allegiance, and that will prove to be their undoing, because it is also contrary to human nature for women – especially proud ones – to pay men.



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