Fred Streed #racist

[On Bill Nye rejecting racial divisions as unscientific]

Physical differences, such as the facts that nigroes are ugly and they stink, are pretty obvious. Mental differences like their low IQs are also pretty obvious. Then there are the behavioral differences. It has been known for a long time that there is a genetic basis for a lot of behavior. Sure, behavior can to some extent be learned. But there are dispositions toward behavioral traits that are genetic. An animal like the nigger evolved behavioral traits that had survival advantages within their ecosystem. Humans evolved in a much harsher climate, ice age Europe, and were genetically selected for mental and especially behavioral traits that had survival advantages for that ecosystem.

Small emotionally bonded groups worked best in Europe, where the struggle for reproductive success was a fight against the environment at least as much as against one's fellow man. Bigger brains and an ability to plan ahead meant you had a better chance to survive a winter. Cooperation with others had survival advantages.

The nigger is adapted to an equatorial jungle, the food supply is relatively constant throughout the year, as is the weather. Intelligence and forward planning were not nearly as important as in Europe. Impulsive behavior, the ability to recognize an opportunity and quickly act on it was an advantage. Competition for food, sex, and other resources were against your fellow nigger. Altruistic behavior put a nigga at a disadvantage. Strutting around and crowing about "muh dick" got the attention of LaKeisha and the other bitches.

Konrad Lorenz did a lot of pioneer work on animal behavior in the 1930s or there abouts, in the field of ethology. E.O. Wilson did the same for sociobiology. Konrad Lorenz is dismissed as a "Nazi" by the jew, and kikes like Stephen Jay Gould denounce sociobiology as a dangerous field of study that leads to racism and holcausting jews.

But yeah, Bill Nye is a liar and scum. He isn't stupid so he knows the score on race but he goes along to keep the jew happy and to keep his career.



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