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(On the preschool series Gina D's Kids Club)

Show Seems to Push Darwinism / Evolution
Given that this is supposed to be a Christian TV show aimed at Christian kids, I was disturbed to see Darwinism / Evolution being subtly supported on the show, on at least one episode. While there are some Christian parents who subscribe to Theistic Evolution, there are still plenty of Christians who take the Genesis creation account in the Bible literally (meaning, we believe that God created earth and all its life forms in six days consisting of 24 hours each, and God did not use macro-evolution to do so). I was channel surfing and caught this 'Gina D Kid's Club' show where they were doing a cartoon sketch that mentioned dinosaurs. There was a song playing as the dinosaurs were shown, and the lyrics of the song mentioned that the dinosaurs were "millions of years old." As someone who is a Y.E.C. (Young Earth Creationist) Christian, I don't believe that dinosaurs are (or the earth is) "millions of years old." I found it a little disturbing that a Christian show aimed at kids would push the old-earth-age / Evolution view. As for the rest of the show, it seems harmless enough. However, as is true (sadly) with most Christian produced shows and movies, a bit sub-par. The special effects, animation and so on, are not as high quality as you'd expect to see from Hollywood or the major networks. You feel as though you're watching a second-class type show, one that was made on somewhat of a shoe-string budget. The lady host seems pleasant, but some of her human and puppet side kicks are either unoriginal, uninspiring, and/or annoying, especially the Australian character (played by a human actor in costume; he's not a puppet, and he speaks with an exaggerated Aussie accent).



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